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ELC 2008 Mailing List now available

A mailing list has been set up to disseminate information about Embedded Linux Conference 2008. You are welcome to sign up at



Discounted Rooms at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

There are still some rooms available at the Hyatt for the discounted rate of $199 per night. For more information call 408-200-1234 or 800-233-1234. Please mention you are with the CE Linux Forum.



57 Sessions Confirmed for ELC 2007

The number of confirmed sessions has nearly doubled from last year's conference! Sessions will include 2 keynotes, 39 presentations, 9 tutorials and 7 BOFs.

A variety of speakers from around the world will be presenting on a wide range of topics related to Linux in consumer electronics. Jeff Waugh of the GNOME Foundation will be making a special announcement on April 19th. Nicholas McGuire, from Lanzhou University, will be leading the tutornials "Kernel Debugging with GDB" on April 17th, and "Kernel Validation Tools" on April 19th. Greg Ungerer of SnapGear will be presenting "uClinix - State of the Nation" on April 17th. Philippe Robin will present "Experiment with Linux ARM Thumb-2 ISA" on April 18th. For more details on these and other presentations please select the "Sessions" tab at the top of this page.

"BOF" stands for "Birds of a Feather", from the saying "Birds of a feather flock together". The BOFs will be a forum for informal discussion on specific issues related to Linux in consumer electronics. Planned BOFs include a Bootup Technologies BOF with Elisa Kesh, a Real-time BOF with YungJoon Jung, and a Mobile Phone BOF with Scott Preece.



Thomas Gleixner and Jonathan Corbet confirmed as keynote speakers

Thomas Gleixner, of Linutronix, will deliver a keynote on April 17th entitled "Embedded Linux - An Increasing Nightmare?" He will discuss the problems of how Linux is used in the embedded market from the point of view of a Linux kernel maintainer.

Jonathan Corbet, of LWN, will deliver a keynote on April 18th entitled "The State of the Linux Kernel". He will discuss the current condition of the Linux kernel: how it is developed, where it stands, and where things are likely to go.



ELC Registration Opens

Online registration is now available. Please go to to register as a professional or hobbyist.

The ELC is open to the general public. If your company is paying for you to attend, you should register as a professional. If you are paying for yourself to come, you may register as a hobbyist. Professional registration is $300, Hobbyist is $40.