Latest News

Feb 1, 2006: Reminder - The deadline for submitting a session proposal for the conference is February 15th. Please see the Call for Sessions tab for information about proposing a session for the conference.

Jan 22, 2006: Linux Power Management Summit - will be hosted in San Jose overlapping the Embedded Linux Conference. CELF is hosting (along with others) the spring 2006 Linux Power Management Summit. Several key kernel developers in power management will be attending the PM summit, and have been invited to participate in the ELC as well. As a result, we are looking forward to having some very strong power management content at the conference. Details are not finalized, but stay tuned as we invite some of the most prominent names in Linux kernel power management to hobnob with us at ELC!

Jan 20, 2006: Venue determined - The conference will be held at the Network Meeting Center in San Jose. See the home page for venue information for the conference.

Nov 22, 2005: Call for sessions opens - The CE Linux Forum would like to invite you to make a presentation at our upcoming Embedded Linux Conference. The conference will be held April 11 and 12 in San Jose, California. (See the "Call for Sessions" tab for more information.)