Guidelines for Submissions

Presentations should be of a technical nature, covering topics related to use of Linux in embedded systems. The CE Linux Forum is focused on the use of Linux in consumer electronics products, but presentations may cover use of Linux in other embedded areas, as long as the topic is of general relevance to most embedded users.

Presentations that are commercial advertisements or sales pitches are not appropriate for this conference.

Presentations on the following topics are encouraged:

Most presentation slots are 50 minutes long, including time for questions. A few shorter 40-minute slots are also available.

No paper submission is required in conjunction with the presentation.

You may also submit a request to present a tutorial. Tutorials are intended to be longer, interactive learning sessions. A tutorial may occupy more than one session slot at the conference.

We prefer presentations that have not been previously presented, but exceptions will be made for material that is either of great interest or has been seen previously only by a limited audience.

A single person may submit more than one proposal. However, since the number of slots is limited, it is likely that at most one proposal from an individual will be accepted.

Technical Facilities

Presentations will be in rooms with 1024768 XGA data projectors. Please bring your own laptop for your presentation. Please contact us if you have further requirements.

Reward and Possible Assistance

Speakers will receive complimentary professional registration for the conference. That is, you get into the rest of the conference for free if you make a presentation!

Travel and accomodation assistance is available for a limited number of speakers, under certain circumstances. Please contact the e-mail address below if you believe your circumstances would qualify you for this assistance.


All presentation, tutorial, demo and BOF proposals will be reviewed by the CE Linux Forum, and submitters will be notified of their acceptance (or not) by March 1, 2006.

Proposals will be assessed on a number of criteria:

Submission Method

To submit a presentation proposal, send an e-mail to

A presentation request should include your name, a presentation title and a brief (one or two paragraph) abstract. Also, please indicate with your proposal whether your presentation may be published by the forum on it's web site, after the conference.

If your proposal is accepted, you will be requested to provide a short paragraph describing yourself, for use on the conference web site.

If you have questions, you may also send queries to the e-mail address above. We will be happy to answer questions about the presentation requirements or the conference itself.


Proposals for presentations, demos and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions must be received by February 15, 2006.

Speakers will be notified by March 1, 2006.